Learning and development, transformation and ”New Work” musically thought, inspired, energized and supported – supplemented by elements from improvisation, embodiment, design thinking or mindfulness when needed, individually tailored for you or co-created:

» ”Swinging” teams
» Inspiring collaboration
» ”Grooving” leadership
» Jazzing up events


Imagine you could make the desired team culture sound and, thus, make it more tangible, connecting and stronger!

  • Team Sound – our unique teambuilding method does that: based on a storytelling sequence with your team an authentic sound of the desired culture is created by our top musicians and jammed together
  • Team Jam – we also jam well-known songs with your team and include fascinating improvisation experiences in the jam

We look at the experiences with you and relate them to your team’s situation and everyday life. A focus on a special topic, group work sequences or the use of other creative methods can be integrated in the sessions.


Inspiring collaboration

Top improvisers are naturally agile as they learn to work co-creatively, iteratively and flexibly in (fast) changing environments from the very beginning. They have groove (rhythm and flow) and produce resonance.

We explore the underlying principles, behaviors and values with you and apply them to your collaboration practice.

  • As an impulse or workshop with top musicians including demonstrations, exercises, reflections and the transfer of learnings
  • As a special format with the naturally agile development of a song and the joint jam of it
  • As a learning journey with several modules and various creative methods (with and without musicians)
  • As a training focusing on natural agility, resonance or deep listening


”Grooving” leadership

What drives you as a leader? How do you ensure future-fitness? How about your personal ”groove”? How resonant is your leadership? 

We take a deep look at these and other questions with you, let top improvisers inspire us with their ”music”, and more.

  • Our leadership impulses and workshops with top musicians are comparable to the ones about collaboration but focus more on leadership
  • With our special format Leadership Sound we make the desired leadership culture sound
  • Central to our leadership trainings are (self-)leadership and -followership experiences with music, improvisation and embodiment; mindfulness has a supporting role


Jazzing up events

Successful (social) events live from atmospheric contrasts and resonating breaks. Our interactive, inspiring and grooving keynotes and sessions are just perfect for that!

  • Inhouse or public
  • On the main stage or as break-out sessions
  • Speaker + top musicians
  • Musical interactions and demonstrations + framing or lecture
  • Topics: Grooving (future-fit) organization or aspects from it
  • Or our special format ”Sound of…” (…New Work, …Success) in which an authentic song is created based on the essences of a storytelling sequence and jammed together with the audience
  • Add-on: Creative sparring for the design of your event


Contact: Lutz Hempel
+49 163 36 33 155 / +41 79 29 57 094