Music can move and connect, inspire and make happy, strengthen and soothe people. Get to know it as >> metaphor, model and
>> transformative power for future-fit organizations and develop your
>> organizational music.

We have the methods to tap into music‘s potential for organizations with you, easily and playfully.

Music as a metaphor and model 

Top bands or groups of musicians – especially their improvisation and their naturally agile production process – offer amazing analogies for many hot organizational topics, such as:

  • agility
  • co-creation & innovation
  • self-organization
  • performance & effectivity
  • purpose, spirit & drive
  • future-fit culture


We make the analogies explorable for you and support the learnings with scientifically based models.

Music as a transformative power

Musical experiences stimulate learning and development in many ways, that has even been known by neuroscientists for a while now. With its emotionally touching and connecting qualities music can have miraculous effects.

The fact that humans are born with basic musical competences and music’s great presence in our world today make it even more plausible to do transformative work with music in organizations.

We create deep musical experiences, connect them to the reflection and work on your organizational topics and, thus, foster new solutions and developments. Deep listening plays an important part in our concept.

Organizational music

Organizational music emerges when organizations are musically ”thought” and when leadership and collaboration happen with a musical feeling.

Organization, leadership and collaboration with…

  • …an authentic culture one can hear/feel (”sound”)
  • …a matching rhythm and flow (”groove”)
  • …naturally agile practices and positive communication
  • …positive internal and external vibrations (”resonance”)
  • …a matching mindset


We help you discover and develop your organization’s music.

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